Ordinarily I don’t do deserts! Not because I don’t like them, it’s more a case of they’re not good for me or anyone else to have on a regular basis. That said there are times when desert is an essential part of living and that is never more so than on holiday.
As a lifestyle – friendly business owner I do get to take a number of holidays across the year but my first special desert memory is all about the number 1.

Many years ago I took my first long haul flight to Orlando Florida. This was the first time I’d encountered the Disney parks, sky high temperatures and extreme humidity. It was also the first and only time I tried and loved a mile high sundae. Not quite a mile high, this decadent dessert was huge.

Considerably larger than a UK Knicker Bocker Glory, my overarching memory is the length of the spoon we needed to get to the bottom of the glass. I’d never had to use a spoon of that length before. The combination of ice cream and tropical fruits were not new to me but the hot fudge, caramel bits and chopped nuts that adorned the top and ran down the inside of the glass were a deliciously new experience.

Since becoming a business owner  I have a holiday home in Spain and it’s Spain where the next two desserts were brought to my attention.

Starting with Tiramisu, an Italian dessert I don’t like, this one is special and I have no idea why? Hand made in a tiny authentic Italian restaurant  it tastes so different? Maybe its because of the feelings evoked by the eclectic surroundings combined with the unique  ingredients so lovingly and expertly added by the Italian Chef?


Last but not least is Chocolate and Churros OMG! Again this Spanish favourite is something we get to enjoy whenever were in Spain  and while there are a number of variations of this sweet treat, our favourite is an unbelievably cheap and simple offering of hot batter sprinkled with sugar.

Served from a stall at The Lemon Tree Market it cost 2 euros for six peices of churros and a small cup of Spanish hot chocolate. Of course we dunk, it’s divine. Again though I think the flavour is enhanced because ‘in a place we call home from home and as we relax and dunk on a Sunday morning down the market, with our newspapers spread across the table, we indulge in one of our favourite pass time people watching. It’s true I love the cafe culture of Spain as much as I love their chocolate and churros!
Viva Espana!