Pic: Courtesy Daily Mirror UK

In case you didn’t know: Scarlett is a young woman from the North East of England who first came onto my radar as one of the Channel 4 “Goggleboxers” in 2014. Her job on the show is to simply watch TV from the comfort of her own sofa and comment on the programmes she’s watching.

Funny, self-deprecating and incredibly witty, Scarlett soon built a large following of fans that looked forward to her weekly quips and observations. It was obvious to me from the get go, she was made for TV and that it wouldn’t be long before she would leave the sofa to front her own TV show/s.

Roll forward to December 2016 and Scarlett is crowned “Queen of the Jungle” as the winner of ITVs “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and as I predicted some time ago the opportunities for her future in television have now exploded.

Having landed several TV “presenting” roles for 2017 She is well on her way to the TV top but it wasn’t always like that; for a start she was mercilessly bullied for her looks as a youngster to the point she was allowed out of school early so “she didn’t get her face kicked in”.

What I noticed about Scarlett was she doesn’t see in herself what others see in her and therefore, couldn’t believe she was even chosen for “I’m a celebrity” let alone go onto win it, especially as she’d watched the show for 10 years and up until then had only ever dreamed of one day becoming a contestant.

Once she got the opportunity to join the show she was initially “awestruck” by the other celebrities and even went as far as to say she didn’t think she was deserving of the opportunity. “Why Me” she kept asking herself, which leads me nicely to my question Why Not Scarlett?

I have mentioned in another one of my posts: how we never see ourselves the way others see us and that we’re much better at hiding our gifts than we are at shining a light on them. I used to think this was a UK phenomenon but I’ve since discovered it’s a global issue.

It’s true, as women many of us are afraid to put our heads above the parapet especially when it comes to starting a business and even more so if were not “twenty – something’s” like the lovely Scarlett.

What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m not enough or even worse not good enough? What if they laugh at me or think my ideas are naff? What if they think I shouldn’t start a business, or I’m too fat, too this or to that……..

What if, what if, what if? I hear it all the time from my clients and I’m the same. Even when our plans are going well or business is good, we’ll still have an attack of the wobbles because it’s a human condition. Truth is we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t BUT being scared or having a wobble is not a good enough reason to walk away from your dreams and aspirations.

Yes it’s scary at times and there are a lot of unknowns when you’re first starting out but unknowns are only a temporary state. You’ll soon have the answers to those unknowns if you simply open your mouth and ask questions. Remember the only stupid questions are the ones you didn’t ask.

Pic: Courtesy Daily Mirror UK

Getting back to Scarlett I accept she is about 20 years younger than the women I normally work with but her worries and insecurities are no different to yours. Like Scarlett, many of you never see in yourself what others see in you and by others I don’t mean the haters, the critics or the jealous negatives (they’ll always be there) I mean the people who see your natural gifts and want what you have to offer and what’s more are willing to pay you: to teach and share with them your gifts, knowledge and expertise.

Scarlett Moffatt reached for the moon an instead she got the stars, all of them, on her side and in her hand however, it didn’t happen overnight: It took work and dedication but she’s there now!

So if you’re afraid to take the next step, ask yourself: which is scarier?

Putting yourself out there knowing that some jealous hater will inevitably have something negative to say about your dreams and aspirations OR

Getting to the end of your life feeling unfulfilled and disappointed having never even tried to reach your true potential or realise your dreams just because you were scared?

So what if you fail at first, you won’t die from failing and contrary to belief you can’t actually die of shame either!

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From my heart to yours Dee  X