1429183646107-300x168Is early or forced retirement a waste of wisdom and experience? If you think you’re too old for a career change or promotion this might change your mind: At the time of writing this post Hillary Clinton, had just announced her widely anticipated campaign for the presidency of the United States of America.



Clinton is among the most famous and accomplished women on the planet and  enjoys clear front runner status for the White House in 2016.This is despite the fact that by the time of her inauguration in January 2017, assuming things go to plan, the former Secretary of State would be in her 70th year. And that’s at the start. Were she to secure two terms, as US presidents tend to do, she would be nudging 80 toward the end of office.Attractive smiling middle aged businesswoman in portrait wearing

Granted I don’t work with presidential candidates however for me, working with mid life women and beyond means: I get to see the very best of what women have to offer for with age comes experience, knowledge, wisdom and beauty. So if you think midlife means it’s time to start winding down think again, with all you have to offer this is the best time in your life to step into the business you were born to create. Chances are you don’t know where to start so here’s a way to Simplify your Struggle. Download my free EBook it’s my gift to you


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