I recently had the honour of crossing paths with David Lee,  a former NASA rocket scientist and not just any rocket scientist, David supervised the engineering team that designed the rocket for the Lunar Module that saw the first US astronauts land on the moon, that was fifty years ago this year! Moving forward David is also an inventor and author, psychotherapist and entrepreneur, humourist and most importantly, a happy person.

Author of the Happiness Handbook the information in his book can change your life especially if you’re stressed out, unhappy, stuck, or feeling hopeless. Full of concrete, well-researched information as well as a touch of humor, The Happiness Handbook will give you the tools and encouragement needed to improve your life, not just for today, but for the rest of your life! 

With a soulful commitment to bettering the lives of everyone he meets, both on and off line, his purpose is simple; get people thinking deeply, communicating with connection and raising their consciousness to improve their quality of life.

David recently wrote the foreword to my  book and given his credentials, this is indeed an honour for me and one that I must say was most unexpected. I’m still pinching myself!

Before writing the foreword, I’d been in touch with David over a period of about 6 to 8 months on a completely unrelated matter and I truly did not know he’d been a rocket scientist which is incredible considering I use the analogy of becoming an astronaut in one of the chapters of my book?

Having first exchanged a couple of emails about his happiness handbook, David suggested I stay in touch and ask him anything which to be honest, I assumed was simply a figure of speech. Later, I did have a psychotherapy research question for him and one that was completely unrelated to my book although I must admit, I assumed there’d not be much chance of a response. To my surprise he did respond and in some considerable depth I might add. So our correspondence and professional relationship grew from there.

The point I make is, when he said ask me anything, I didn’t believe him. When he said stay in touch I still didn’t believe him. When he said his only goal these days was to help others where he could, I still didn’t believe him, mainly because I’ve heard people say that before and they haven’t delivered on their promise.

When I say ask me anything, I mean it, when I say, stay in touch I mean it, when I say I’m happy to help and not always for a fee, I mean it. So it was a refreshing change to meet a true kindred spirit and one who has restored my faith in humankind. 

I must say this wasn’t a one way street and we got to where we are now via reciprocity and collaboration which for me highlights the Harold Ramis quote:  nothing reinforces a professional relationship more than enjoying success with someone.

Which just goes to show at the end of the day, in business and in life, it is and always has been about building relationships. Its not rocket science, except in my case it is and please indulge me because I’ve been dying to say this…………………. Houston we have lift off!

Since crossing paths with David what I’ve discovered about experts is they’re just people like you and me. So when it comes to making the ask, especially of an expert, be brave and ask…. there’s a fifty percent chance they’ll say yes and if they don’t………………… nobody died!

I encourage you to take a few moments to find out more about David Lee. There’s nothing in it for me other than to know I shared this amazing find and there’s nothing in it for him other than the satisfaction of sharing his incredible wisdom, knowledge and experience with you. Sign up for his short daily musings, they’re funny, intelligent and they make you think outside the box.

Find out more about David Lee at www.truefortunes.com

In the meantime here is the foreword to my book and written by David:

We all face challenges. One is to make enough money to support ourselves, perhaps even live well. Another, even more important, is to realize our potential, to become the unique, productive and very special person that is possible for all of us. In this unusual book Dee Coxon tells us how to do both, and at the same time. Although written specifically for mature women, the principles and methods in this remarkable book apply to everyone. Even men.

I have worked with many, many people to help them become happier and more productive. First through my psychotherapy practice in Beverly Hills, later through my book “The Happiness Handbook” and web site “True Fortunes”. During my chequered career I have been instrumental in the growth of at least two companies, and have had my fair share of failures and disasters. It’s been an interesting life, one that enables me to truly appreciate the work that Dee Coxon is doing.

A great deal of the information in this book is a recounting of Dee Coxon’s personal experiences in developing her own business, and in learning the art of success. Perhaps the most useful parts are her accounts of her failures, of her dealings with people who seemed to be able to help but turned out to be of no assistance. In reading this book you will learn a great deal about what not to do. This is a lot faster and a lot less expensive than learning the hard way.

This book gives you a very precise guideline to starting your own business. It starts with the selection of a service or product, and then goes on to spell out exactly what you have to do in order to be a success. It includes information on resources, people and places you can go to get help when necessary. It tells you what to expect along the road to success, and the pitfalls to avoid. This book is your blueprint to personal fulfilment and financial success.

David Lee: Rocket Scientist & Inventor. Visionary & Entrepreneur. Psychotherapist & Author.