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When it comes to buying online training courses and to help you with your decision making I want to look at the question: who’s telling the truth? I get so frustrated when I come across messages and advertising from coaches and companies who offer online training on everything from growing a six figure business to how to get massive traffic to your website.


As I read through their promises of life changing strategies I know from painful experience what’s coming and dread the bit that says.  “ This works for everybody no matter where you are in your business journey this online training is for you”.

That’s a very broad statement and taken out of context it can an often does spell disaster for the uninformed!

Apart from slipper socks and body shapers bought from the china bazaar on holiday I rarely believe in one size fits all especially when it comes to online training and there’s a very good reasons for this.

  let’s use “how to grow a six figure business” as an example 

One of the coaches i’m familiar with, who by the way is excellent at what she does, offers online training in how to grow a six figure business and it’s aimed at “everybody” including beginners. Her key message is also: no matter where you are in your business journey this online training will work for you!

images-2So It came as no surprise one day when I read a comment on her face book page from a disgruntled client who said don’t buy this online training it doesn’t work. Was the client telling the truth? yes and no.

I did a little digging around the said “disgruntled” and discovered she didn’t have a business or a website. if she did it was well hidden as I could find nothing. By the way I’m not being at all  disrespectful about the client I’m simply giving you an insight into her circumstances. The reason for this will become clear in a moment.

The clients face book page did have a handful of friends however, there was no mention of a business and there was no sign of her on twitter. I check  FB and twitter first as these are usually the most common platforms for small or new business owners which I assumed she must already be; having bought a programme on how to grow a six figure business?

Given all of the above it’s no wonder the online training didn’t work for her so yes I absolutely believe her but was she right to blame the coach? Well she would say yes because I can assure you in the six figure programme she’d unwittingly bought; she would be asked to implement strategies and techniques she didn’t understand; using online tools and models she knew nothing about.

Once she’d discovered what was required of her and what she would have to put in place before the online training could work for her; she would be mightily pissed off having spent a tidy sum believing she would grow a six figure business in 30 days.

Think about it ……..this woman was excited, she had an end goal in sight and in her mind her dream was just thirty days away. Imagine what it feels like when you realise that can be the case for somebody but its not the case for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. So yes in that moment her real world problem was this coach has ripped me off!


Of course there is a  solution: she can go back and learn the basics first. She can look at the items in her six figure programme, identify what she doesn’t know including any skills gaps. Learn and implement these and  once she’s done that then she can make good use of her six figure training programme because then it will all make sense to her and it will work.  BUT……. she doesn’t want to do that. She’s angry, she feels she wasted her money and she’s looking for someone to blame.

Now you might say well it’s the coaches fault surely? She said it was for everybody right! Well in the coaches mind it is. She sold her client the programme believing she bought it because she was ready and able to use it. The client on the other hand bought the programme because she believed doing so would “make” her ready and able to use it. So what’s the lesson here?

Perception is everything. Take note: when a coach says this works for  everybody beginners included, check the context because “beginner” means different things to different people.

Look at the examples below

Example #1 You already have an online business offering low priced training programmes (  obviously you have experience in this area). Now you want to up the anti, increase the value of your service and charge a higher price for doing so. You don’t yet know how to do this so you’re looking for someone to teach you how to create higher priced training programmes ( you’re now a beginner in this particular area)

Example #2 Client has a one page website and is ready to launch ( some experience) but doesn’t know how to market her business to an online audience and she needs help in this area ( beginner)

Example #3 Retailer has a brick and mortar business ( lots of experience) and is ready to take this online but has no knowledge about how to set up an online business (  beginner in the online world)

Example #4  Artist is an expert in  her field. ( experience) She has an idea for an online business. She doesn’t have a website or a brick and mortar store. She has no subscriber list, nothing in place, no online skills and no idea what to do or where to start in terms of setting up this business.  ( beginner)

Do you see you how you can be both experienced and a beginner at the same time? Being a ninja in your area of expertise doesn’t mean you can crack an online training package in record time on a subject you know nothing about. So again be honest with yourself. There’s no shame in being a beginner; what is a shame is you deceiving yourself, then blaming someone else for your mistake.

What can you do?

When a coach offers you online training it’s up to you to identify if you’re ready for this and an easy way to do this is to know where you really are ( not where you’d like to be) in terms of what’s being offered? Look at the course description properly. Just because the outcomes promised are attractive to you, that alone won’t be enough to get you through without either a working knowledge or some understanding  of what’s being described.

If most of the course details make little or no sense to you and you’re just seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then chances are your not ready. Look at the terminology being used. Take note of the processes and online tools being referred to. If none of this resonates with you and you find yourself thinking what on earth does that mean then take this as a good indicator this might not be for you just yet.

When should you buy?

To help you make a decision find out what it all means by reading up on the items you don’t understand, ask someone with more experience than you to explain. Better yet take up the coaches offer of a free chat before you buy or (and this one might seem rather obvious) if you are new to the subject being offered then buy an online training package that actually provides “training for beginners” not advanced or intermediate and not one size fits all.

Once you’ve nailed the skills or knowledge you were lacking you will be much better equipped to deal with, enjoy and benefit from the advanced training you’ve just bought or were thinking about buying.

Something worth noting here: 

Start small and scale up in this order; beginners > intermediate > advanced. The reason this is so important apart from the obvious is:  I’ve yet to meet a  beginner who went straight for advanced training and didn’t have to circle back to fill in the gaps!

All is not lost

Even if you have inadvertently done things back to front and spent money on a programme your not yet ready to work with; don’t be despondent nothing is wasted. Accept you will have to back track before you can implement the advanced training and while this might not have been your plan: you are where you are with it so take a deep breath, buckle up and do it. If you’re not prepared to do that then something is wasted………. that would be your time and money.

How do I know this?

I made the same painful mistake myself some years ago when I was starting out so I’m acutely aware of the effects and the cost of bright shiny object syndrome and I’m well placed to talk about the pitfalls. That’s what inspired me to teach other women how to create and set up their online business from scratch using:

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