Based on my own experience I discovered through trial and error, that for a beginner in the online world, there were five specific, albeit basic elements required to get my business set up and out of the gate in less time. I’d learned a lot more than five but I didn’t need them all. So in brief the top five for me were:


#1. Recalibrate my thinking: Unpack my back story and take a deep dive into what led me here.

#2. Plan my website forget high tech bells and whistles I need a website that works and gets clients.

#3. Social Media: Choose the right platform to build an engaged audience that loves what I do

#4. Online Marketing: Find out what my customer wants and give it to her.

#5. The You Print:  Based on my lifestyle and business needs and unique to me, create a step by step road map I can follow and implement, to get my business set up and launched in less time.

So, there you have it, my top five elements and it looks pretty easy doesn’t it? Except it isn’t for a beginner, because starting a business is not a one and done process and contained within each of those five elements are lots of moving parts.


 Of all the things you have to put together to start an online business, none of them are difficult in isolation in fact most of them are easy but they are many in number and to make them work, to make them streamlined and functional you have to learn and implement these moving parts in sequence so as to complete each element in its entirety and to do this you’ll want to have a certain skill set.


Now before you throw your hands up and say oh this is too hard and too complicated, it isn’t I promise and once you understand how this works in principle, you’ll be halfway there! And the best way for you to understand it, is for me to give you an example. I have hundreds but you’ll get the gist with just this one.

For this example I’m using an Opt – In page.  What’s an Opt in Page? If you don’t have an online business you’ve probably come across an Opt – in page as a customer on somebody else’s website. This is where you simply give your email address in return for something for free. That could be a newsletter, a free eBook, recipes, fitness tips, a coupon or a free low level version of whatever the website is selling. The purpose of any freebie is to give you a flavour of what’s to come.

You might call an Opt In page a sign up form, they’re the same thing, the point of which is to get you the customer, to build a relationship with a brand or a business owner, so that you can get to know, like and trust the service before you buy. More importantly the business or website offering you the freebie, wants you on their mailing list so they can let you know about other offers and services they have in the future.

 At this stage I’m sure you’ll agree that for you the customer, this is a basic process and not at all difficult. You simply fill out your email address, click the send button and you’re done. Then you get a freebie delivered to your inbox. Nice! On the flip side of that, the opt in page provided by the website and designed to give you a simple one click experience is made up of many moving parts and it takes work to integrate this into a website, so that you the customer, can enjoy  a smooth, uncomplicated, user friendly experience.

Staying with the Opt in page, this time with you as the website owner, Imagine your building your business and you’re told you need an Opt in page on your new website to get people to sign up for your mailing list. Sounds easy because it’s one thing right, it’s an Opt in page. Well how would you feel if I told you that to create one Opt – in page, depending on which service provider you choose, you may have to implement around twenty-three steps just to set up one single Opt in page?

That’s another lesson for another post……..

Did you already know how many moving parts there are to creating and setting up an online business? Please pop your comments in the box below. Thank you for taking the time today