According to a publication in the Mail Online: The ages that define the life of every woman, here are some of the more common milestones that have already shaped or will in the future shape your life and ultimately your diamond.

At 40 Life must begin (again) because this is the average age at which a woman is most likely to divorce, according to the Office for National Statistics.

At 47 this is the oldest age at which most women feel comfortable in a bikini, going for a one-piece on her next birthday.

At 49 it’s time to slip back into baby mode. This is the birthday when you’re most likely to become a grandmother for the first time, report researchers at the Future Foundation. For me it was 50 so I wasn’t far off.

At 50 there are mixed blessings. The good news is it’s the average age when women become debt free, due to a combination of rising salaries and being left an inheritance.


At 52 according to Saga magazine, this is the moment we are most prepared to entertain the idea of plastic surgery, with eyelid lifts being the most common procedure, followed by facelifts and dermabrasion. OMG Saga, I remember my younger self asking my mother, tongue in cheek of course, does Saga stand for the Silly Auld Gets Association. She used to say oh I’m glad you’re amused because you’ll be there yourself one day lady and what do you know she was right, in fact I admit to being mortified the day a complimentary copy of SAGA magazine came through my front door. It felt like the day of reckoning had arrived, but I soon got over it.


At 55 a woman most feels like the filling in the middle of life’s sandwich. A University of London study, which followed the lives of more than 17,000 women born in the same week, found that 55-year-old women take on the lion’s share of caring responsibilities for younger and older relatives. On the upside, 55 is also the average age of British millionaires, around 40 per cent of whom are women. In the middle of life’s sandwich happens to be where I am right now, in terms of caring responsibilities for both younger and older relatives.

At 58 it may have been a long time coming, but it turns out this is the age we feel we’ve finally got that elusive work-life balance under control. A study found this is when we start to take proper lunch breaks at work, cut back on overtime and get the right amount of leisure to enjoy our lives.

At 60 and according to Margaret Manning founder of the online community Sixty and Me, life has given us many gifts including perspective, resilience and an inner strength that has been shaped by a fusion of realism and vulnerability.


Dr Joan Borysenky the distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine and a world-renowned expert in the mind-body connection writes, midlife or the elder wisdom years are not the time for us to be fading into the woodwork, on the contrary, these are the years when a woman who has done her healing comes into an authentic sense of self. These are also the years when storytelling circuits’ form and we develop the capacity to create meaning and hand this wisdom on to future generations.

Author of Passages, Gail Sheehy tells us, a seasoned woman is spicy, she has been marinated in life experience. She is at the peak of her influence and power. And despite failures and false starts she is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of her life.

She is passionate about her work, or a cause, or in pursuit of a new dream or spiritual quest. She is more likely than at any previous stage to report reaching some fulfilling goal or dream. She is very likely to be single, to have initiated her divorce and to enjoy a lot of sexual activity. She is comfortable with herself and not necessarily looking for remarriage.  If married, she is very likely soaring after empty nest, cultivating a new and independent identity and following her passion.

So what are the milestones that have shaped your life so far and which ones are are you most looking forward to or not?

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