Extraordinaire – adjective – outstanding in a particular capacity. 


I was first drawn to Fran in 2018 after noticing a face book post that read: Thrive Anyway – Fran Amendola Asaro – Virtual Partner.
What the hell is a virtual partner I thought, is this simply a play on words to describe a Virtual Assistant? 

So intrigued was I that I decided to investigate. By the time I got to the end of her website and consequently the low down  I felt strongly that it should have read Fran Amendola Asaro – Fairy Godmother…… I kid you not! 

As a long time Life and Business Coach, Fran created her Virtual Partner services because she sees many people looking for something different these days. They want support that is diverse. They are looking for someone with a personal and professional range who can assist in creating a balanced lifestyle. 

Working mostly with 50 and older clients, Fran feels strongly that it’s important to create a business where you maintain your professional dignity. One where you look like you want to work, not have to. One where you work age appropriately and not like a 20-year-old.  Fran provides an opportunity to explore working with someone who’s been there, has resources, innovation, and lightness of spirit. Someone who can take a leadership role in helping you create a successful business.  After all, something magical happens when you have someone who aligns with your vision and genuinely cares about your success. Don’t you agree? 

While there are differences between a Virtual Partner, a Coach, A Business Partner, a Virtual Assistant and a Therapist, a Virtual Partner is a combination of them all. Here’s how to differentiate. 

Virtual Partner vs a Coach – Comfortable and less authoritative, no accountability. You are treated as an equal and supported through each hurdle, gently, respectfully and according to your pace. 

Virtual Partner vs a Business Partner – A partner when you need one, without losing control and profits from your business. Enjoy the benefits of a professional partner with a keen eye for marketing and managing your business while all decisions are finalized by you. 

Virtual Partner vs a Virtual Assistant – A Virtual Partner helps prepare you for a Virtual Assistant by setting up systems and routines that can easily be conveyed and followed. While your Virtual Partner can carry out many tasks that a VA can, the primary objective is to prepare you to outsource your team or teach you to do it yourself. 

Virtual Partner vs a Therapist – A Virtual Partner is someone you discuss ANYTHING with – open conversations ranging from sex to success, with confidentiality and the feel of a friendship. Conversations are done virtually with video calls (phone calls available for the camera-shy)

Frans range of  knowledge and experience is at times mind boggling but what drew me to her was this; hers wasn’t a one size fits all service. As an author – coach and speaker I know a lot myself but as every life long learner will tell you, there’s always room for improvement. In my case I needed a little bit of this and a little bit of that and guess what? I was able to get it directly from Fran. Working in the way she does meant I was able to pick and pack only that which applied to me.

And if you’ve ever bought a course where you only really needed 1 module out of 6, or hired a coach for 6 weeks when you only needed the goods from week 3  then you’ll get how very valuable her pick and pack service is. I mean she does offer full packages which are fab but if that’s not what you need then simply hand pick what you want instead.  And did I mention she’s fun to work with, very intuitive and extremely warm. I found all of that out after our first zoom together and the rest as they say is history…….. Click here to Find out more about Fran and Thrive anyway

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