If every  phenomenon in life is a teacher what can we learn from a diamond?


Diamonds are as old as the universe itself. Most of them are found deep beneath the earth’s surface and need to be excavated from molten rock.  On average, more than 20 tons of rock must be processed to procure just one diamond. After the surrounding rock is crushed, what remains is a diamond in the rough. The rough diamond is then cut by sawing or cleaving along the grain of the stone.

The pieces are then mounted in a fast-turning lathe where the gem is shaped roughly by a diamond-tipped tool, followed by the bruting process, which rounds out the stones. Finally, the diamonds are polished, allowing all their facets to emerge. The stone is then placed in a holder and facets are ground on the surface by a spinning disk bearing a paste made of diamond dust and olive oil. The cutting of each facet requires changing the position of the stone in the holder. The final product is a brilliant crystal that refracts, reflects and disperses light. 

               “Diamonds are created under the pressure of mountains” – Beau Taplin 

By using the analogy of a diamond to describe the value of a woman, it can be said that every woman is in fact a true diamond, the toughest substance in existence regardless of her behaviour or outward appearance. Given that most of your time is preoccupied with work, eating, sleeping, paying bills and bringing up a family it’s no wonder you don’t always see the diamond buried deep within you.

To fulfill its purpose your own diamond must be excavated, cut and then polished however, before this can happen you need to gain the awareness that a precious diamond already resides within you, only then can you begin to clear away the externals. That said, it takes patience and tenacity to bring a diamond to the surface and because every diamond has its own unique personality, it must be treated with this in mind.


Like the diamond you have your own precious potential. Revealing the many facets within you will eventually allow your diamond to emerge with unprecedented brilliance and fire.

Although it must be said that, the whole process is unique to you and while some facets of your diamond may be obvious to others around you, there are still lots of less obvious facets that have been hewn from the life you’ve lived so far, including the milestones you’ve encountered along the way.

So, what are some of the milestones that have shaped your diamond thus far? Please comment and share them in the box below.

Thank you for taking the time today!