That wave just knocked the 3 of us over!

A recent article in Vogue magazine talked about ” The new generation grandma” and it made me think about my own status as a new -gen grandma. or should I say glam-ma. (tongue in cheek)

Let me say: new generation grandma is a title I wear as a badge of honour. Not least when my  5 year old grandson arrives at my house, sees me on my laptop and says:

that must be very important work you’re doing Grandma” and I say  “it is my darling but it’s not more important than you, so I’m closing it down right now” and I do without fail.

“Aw thank you Grandma I love you” comes his reply along with a  giant squeeze and a shower of kisses.

Right on his heels is my 4 year old granddaughter  who, after her noisy and somewhat boisterous entrance yells “Grandma turn your laptop off I’m here now” she’s so funny……….

They’re so different in both looks and personality and yet one thing they have in common is their  confidence in how much they are loved.  They know the minute they walk through my door they have the equal and undivided attention of Grandma and Grandad. It’s fun time, it’s show time, its love time, it’s their time…..

As a baby boomer I’m from a generation that’s reinvented itself and modern day grand parenting is no exception. Gone are the days where Grandma puts on an apron and gets on with the Sunday lunch while granddads down the pub.

My Grandma did that and I loved her. She was a wonderful woman but she didn’t and wasn’t expected to play such an active or vital role as the one I am privileged to  play in my grandchildren’s lives.  Back then it was accepted that we were from different generations therefore we did things differently, not so now!

When my grandchildren come over  it’s common for us to bake and do some painting in the morning then download  apps and edu – games in the afternoon with the combined use of my laptop, their tablets and granddads Mac – book. It’s a veritable buffet of “tech exploration” combined with old school love and learning.

Then we’ll  maybe have an evening walk, bike ride or dance- a- thon. We’re huge ” strictly fans” we even have our own glitter ball trophy however,bed time is my favourite ritual: as sleep overtakes them, their little eyes have closed and they can barely manage to form a sentence they’re so tired and yet they’ll stroke my hair and say ” one more story Grandma” ……. then  as I quietly close the bedroom door on my way out one of them will say: don’t forget to put our tablets on charge for tomorrow……..

Together my grandchildren and I are crossing the generational divide and bridging the digital gap. We’re learning together: with and from each other and it’s fabulous.  Along with countless other baby boomers, as a Grandma and business owner I’m far from winding down in fact it’s fair to say I’m revving up and what’s even better is I’m allowed and encouraged without question.

Becoming a Grandma was one of the reasons I launched  “The Fast Class”. Being physically and emotionally present for my grandchildren was a huge incentive to stop trading my time for dollars ( or free in some cases)  and to start charging what I knew I was worth.

I’d given my time away for years and enjoyed every moment of helping others for free but it couldn’t go on forever and shame on those who think it should or could have.

I wanted to be available to these babies. I wanted to create enough money and flexibility to be able to contribute to their upbringing in such a way that I could leave them a legacy of love,  life- long learning and prosperity and I’m doing that now because I made the leap.

I took my knowledge, expertise and passion and turned it into a  business, not a hobby a business.

As I write this post I’m out of the UK at my holiday home for a month. The first week spent with my husband and the following three weeks we were joined by my grand children, my son and daughter in law to enjoy a family holiday together. Had I not had the courage to “step into the business I was born to create” that couldn’t have happened……

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PS. In case you were wondering I work with lots of mid – life women and they’re not all grandmas  🙂

here’s to your success

Dee X pink heart