As an entrepreneur, when it comes to creating anything we all wish we could do this perfectly so that no one would criticise it. Imagine not having your profile picture criticised or your website slammed. What if your first book could make the Amazon best seller list with no negative feedback, wouldn’t that be amazing?

As soon as you start thinking like this, all you’re doing is inviting that voice in your head to say don’t share this until it’s so good no one can criticise it. This confidence crippling sentence is the #1 reason brilliant ideas stay trapped inside heads. It’s why original artwork stays covered up and your latest blog post is still a draft.

Believe me, criticism and negative feedback does not mean you didn’t try hard enough or that you’re not good enough. In fact, criticism isn’t even about you, which is surprising given that every painful utterance is aimed at you and at times can rip your heart out.

Here’s the thing, everything you do will be criticised by somebody even if it’s just one person. The age-old reason being you can’t please everybody, but all too often the real reason, in terms of you believing in yourself is; it’s not you it’s them, it’s about how they feel in the moment. It’s about how your product or service makes them feel that day and even if it’s the best work of your life, someone somewhere will say its crap because it’s not for them.

The thing with haters is, because they’re coming from a place of negativity, they’re going to say this stuff anyway. You can’t stop them. What you can do instead is, manage your own feelings and responses. And one of the best ways I’ve found to do this is, to know that with haters, it comes down to this, they’re just having another bad day, it’s that simple.

so it’s best think about this instead, right now there are 7.6 billion people on this planet, so why give up because of something one or two haters have said, when you’ve already come this far.

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