the fast class

It’s one thing to fantasize about creating a business: The reality is you need to prepare. From ideas to implementation preparation is the key to your success. Done wrong you’ll go down endless rabbit holes. Done right you’ll save a ton of otherwise wasted time and money. The Fast Class is a 1 to 1 accelerated learning experience designed for start ups delivered in 1 day. To find out if it’s a good fit for you start with the overview below.

There are 5: 1 hour modules in the fast class. Learned and implemented together these form the bedrock of your new business. Without them you’re setting yourself up to fail. Why? There are lots of moving parts to any new business however these 5 are the ones that bring your vision to life and make it easier to get your business set up and out the gate in less time. See the modules below.

the fast class

Module #1.

Recalibrate Your Thinking

>Take a deep dive into what led you here
>Evaluate your unique talents
>Get past your fear of failure
>Stop comparing yourself to others 
 clear on your lifestyle goals
>Create a heart centred business plan

Module #3 

Social Media

>Choosing the right platform(s) 
>Targeting the right audience
>Creating an online presence
>Get some social proof

Module #2. 

Plan A Website That Works

>What type of website do you need
>What goes where and on which page
>What colours to use and why
Writing and finding content
What to say and how to say it
List building: What is a list- How do I get one



>Attracting the right customers
How to let people know you exist
>Email marketing
>Offline marketing

Module #5 Your Road Map

This module brings the day to an exciting end. We’ve done the work, let’s join the dots and create your unique start up road map!

What Now? Well you can keep struggling by yourself and getting nowhere because you don’t know what to do. Or you can find someone to work with who already knows what to do and will share it all so that you can get to where you want to be in less time! 

There Are 2 Options Available


Fast Class: 1 Day Virtual

The virtual class is delivered live online using your lap top or pc and includes:

> 5 Training modules

> Working one to one online with me

> In depth discussions and actionable steps

> Downloadable materials, work sheets, etc.

> Lunch break, stretch periods and refreshment stops across the day.

Learn from home and grow your business tool kit from the best seat in the house (yours)


Fast Class: 1 Day In Person

Takes place at a beautiful 4 star luxury hotel in the North East of England and includes:

> 5 Training modules

 > Working one to one in person with me

> In depth discussions and actionable steps

>Downloadable materials, work sheets etc

> Gourmet lunch: enjoy some fine dining in the hotel restaurant.


Enjoy this bespoke experience while shaving months even years off your business journey.

Now you’ve had a glimpse into the fast class think about this: After becoming an expert I discovered all I needed was 20% of everything I’d learned to set up and run my business. You don’t need a degree to get started just a working knowledge. Each Fast Class is uniquely tailored to you and your business. While the process follows a general structure ( the modules)  the outcomes differ for every woman based on your specific wants, needs and aspirations.

To make sure you get my undivided attention I only work with a handful of committed clients per month.

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Read What Others Are Saying…………

the fast class

It was like meeting my fairy godmother! I learned more from Dee Coxon in one day than I had from a business consultant I’d been seeing for months. Dee also wrote an article for me that helped my business corner the local market. It got so much attention my kids said mam your famous now. Lianne Shields – Nanny Paws

the fast class

Dee Coxon is warm, open, honest and genuine, that’s rare these days. Rachel Bell – Banking

The day was structured but not regimented and working with Dee was like having a friend, a counsellor and  teacher all rolled into one. I needed all three because I’m just starting out. She has a vey intuitive style of coaching which made it a lovely experience and a very productive day. She definitely “got me”.  Theresa Adams – Holistic Therapist (in training)

the fast class

I did the fast class and was totally inspired. Spending a day together meant we covered a lot of ground and got to know each other quickly. Feeling out of my depth was my biggest fear but It wasn’t an issue. Thanks to Dee I understand a a lot more than I did going in. I know what I’m doing now and feel a lot more confident going forward. It was worth every penny and I’m glad I made the investment in myself  Laura Coulson  Art – Crafts and Design.

the fast class

At first I was nervous because I don’t really get the technical side but I shouldn’t have worried. Dee is very supportive and I was impressed at how much time she spent really getting to know my story, listening to my concerns and helping me identify exactly what it is I’m trying to achieve. It’s true the fast class really does concentrate on the individuals wants and needs and I liked that.   Julia Boyle  – Writer – Poet

the fast class

We were just starting out when Dee helped us with a business promo video and showed us how to use it to get our message out on social media. It was a real eye opener and we were so grateful. Anna Wardaugh – UK NO MUU

I have worked with Dee on and off for a number of years.Throughout that time she has never lost her focus on who she is working with. She makes you feel important and gives you that boost in confidence you need to take the next step to your aspirations! Business aside she is also very astute to human emotions and actually cares about YOU as a person. I couldn’t wish for a more loyal and supportive coach and friend . Ann Barr –  Private Health Care Professional

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