Well can you?

As long as you sit and think about it confidence won’t come knocking on your door. You can read about it, discuss it with friends and even seek advice from a mentor. That will certainly help you understand confidence or why you’re lacking it but it won’t actually give you any.

You can look in the mirror all day long and do a check list of your good points or even great points although doing any of that won’t bring you confidence either.

To feel it and make it grow you’ve got to do it.If there’s something you want to have more of or get better at then you have to face your fears and do it. Actually “doing” whatever it is you’re not confident in “doing” is the one thing that will give you confidence in the end.

I can prepare though, right?

Yes you can prepare and that will go some way to helping you feel more confident. Then there’s that well known saying: prior preparation prevents poor performance and it does up to a point although, you’ll never actually be ready or fully prepared until you’re doing it because you simply cannot prepare for every single eventuality.

The worst thing you can do is live in a perpetual state of preparation and never actually “doing”. If I read more, practice more and study more are all very plausible reasons not to “do” and they’re also the reasons why in the end, we actually “don’t do anything” because the temptation to put it off until you’re ready will always be there unless you actually “do” something.

You wont find confidence in any empty room

In the past I’d over prepared over analysed, and over thought things to the point I’ve almost driven myself mad. Practising made me worse. I don’t think any of us enjoy talking to an empty room.

There’s no real feeling in doing that, no sense of the mood  or of how you’re being received at a presentation, so it’s kind of a dead pan experience with a false outcome and nothing to measure.

My confidence showed up the same day I arrived a little later than planned for a presentation. So much so I had to get straight on with it as soon as I got to the event. I didn’t have time to chat over coffee before hand which meant I also didn’t have time to disclose my nerves and then I realised:

I was the only person in the room that day who knew I was nervous and from then on it completely changed how I did things.

It was my secret

The people in that room hadn’t met me before, they had nothing to go on, no pre – conceived ideas of what to expect. As a result and for the first time ever I could be myself. It turned out to be my best presentation and the rest as they say is history. Yes I did make some mistakes but only I knew it. They weren’t obvious or life changing mistakes, just little blips here and there, so I ad- libbed and nobody noticed………..

It was such a liberating experience and one that changed how I did all manner of things in the future. Often when we hold back until we’re “better” it never ever comes and we end up becoming our own worst enemies. I know I did.

Confidence is something I’m often asked about by the women I meet 

Confident Mature WomenIf you want to grow your audience  and your business then confidence is your friend.  When I’m on Twitter hosting my local community platform,new followers DM me and say “ I don’t know what to say” or “what if I do it wrong” and I say to them just do it. They say: but Dee your such a natural how do you do it.?

There’s no secret, I love to talk. The thing is so long as you don’t swear or deliberately offend anyone there’s not much can go wrong in 140 characters AND you will get better at it. Begin with “hello” it’s that easy.

Other followers will keep you right. If you ask for help they will jump at the chance to oblige. People do that, followers do that.


When done right social media removes barriers to progress at a human level and provides great opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.

Do it today

When starting out on your business journey you need all the help you can get. I would hate for a lack of confidence or fear to be the reason you missed out  on the incredible and free marketing tool that is social media. If you don’t know where to start try Twitter first, it’s the easiest and quickest way to build your following, the sooner you begin the more practice you’ll get and the sooner your confidence will grow along with your business.

Here’s to your social media success

Dee x pink heart

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