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Why your critics aren’t the ones who count

There comes a time when we all experience life changing moments and as women we’ve usually experienced a few more than most. I wanted to share with you a moment that touched me so deeply I was moved to tears and found myself shouting at the screen saying...

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Why you should always plan your website

Why you should always PLAN your website  It helps to know what you’re doing before you build your website. Today I want to give you a heads up as to the what and the why of your website in terms of saving you time and money as well as making sure you end up with a...

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Online training – who’s telling the truth?

When it comes to buying online training courses and to help you with your decision making I want to look at the question: who’s telling the truth? I get so frustrated when I come across messages and advertising from coaches and companies who offer online...

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My decision to quit

A few years ago  I decided to quit smoking. The truth is without excuse or apology I enjoyed a cigarette and came to use smoking as a reward system for myself. Whether it was after a hard days work, pulling off a successful deal, finishing the ironing or any...

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The entrepreneurs wound

The entrepreneurs wound often comes from a place of pain or a strong desire to be immersed in something you feel so passionate about you just keep going until you get there. Whatever the reason, your journey shows determination to succeed against the odds. As a fan...

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Tech savvy and age defying.

  A recent article in Vogue magazine talked about ” The new generation grandma” and it made me think about my own status as a new -gen grandma. or should I say glam-ma. (tongue in cheek) Let me say: new generation grandma is a title I wear as a badge...

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Can you make confidence happen?

Well can you? As long as you sit and think about it confidence won’t come knocking on your door. You can read about it, discuss it with friends and even seek advice from a mentor. That will certainly help you understand confidence or why you’re lacking it but it won’t...

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Are you too old for a career change?

  Is early or forced retirement a waste of wisdom and experience? If you think you’re too old for a career change or promotion this might change your mind: At the time of writing this post Hillary Clinton, had just announced her widely anticipated campaign...

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Goal or system ?

Do I need a goal or system to succeed? This Is a question you probably never ask yourself and yet you should because the answer makes a huge difference in terms of results. Especially for things you’d like to achieve in your life time. Owning a successful...

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