Why you should always plan your website


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Why you should always PLAN your website 

It helps to know what you’re doing before you build your website. Today I want to give you a heads up as to the what and the why of your website in terms of saving you time and money as well as making sure you end up with a website that works for you.

Before I do that I want to share a story with you about websites that blew me away and not in a good way. So about a year ago I was following a training video from a 3 day event that cost 10,000 dollars to attend. It was a fantastic event that concentrated on advanced online business and marketing strategies and there were about 2,000 women present, it was a huge event.

During the event the coach was speaking to a lady in the audience who began to cry because her husband was holding her back and stopping her from realising her dreams. By the way this story is not about the husband holding her back.

So after the coach worked with her on changing her mind set, a piece she dramatically entitled who needs to die for you to live she eventually asked the lady what she did for a living and it turned out she was a website designer and by way of giving her a helping hand, the coach asked the audience: does anyone need a web designer?

website business womens eventI could not believe the response. At least 50 per cent of the audience raised their hands. Now you might think that’s a good thing…… it certainly was for the web designer but what struck me was this: There were 2000 women in that room who’d paid 10, 000 dollars each to go on an advanced online business training course and half of them didn’t have a website.

This news wasn’t lost on the coach either because she asked those who’d raised their hands “ do any of you know anything about websites” to which lots of them replied no!

So my question was WHY were they there? The event had nothing to do with website creation or business start-up in fact it was way beyond anything that basic.

The point I make is whether they knew it or not, everything those women learned and paid for at the 3 day event would have to go on the back burner once they realised there was no way they could implement it.

They’d have to circle back and start again this time with the basics because as long as they didn’t understand how a website works, how important it is to their business or how it is the number one tool you should have as a service based online business owner; they could not progress in a linear fashion and they certainly could not tell the web designer in that room what they needed.

Just to be clear they’re called web designers for a reason, they design websites, they don’t design your business; YOU do that BEFORE you hire a web designer or build your own website. A web designer can’t give you what need until you’ve figured out what that is.

Before I go further let me say that not all web designers are the same! Some are fantastic but some are absolutely not especially when it comes to openness and transparency so be sure to do your homework just as you would when you’re looking to buy other services.

Now I get that it might be your intention to pay someone to build a website for you and that’s fine but without knowing what you want your website to do you’ll be leaving yourself wide open to fail. As a new business owner you don’t have to learn the deep guts and technical aspects of website design that’s not the case, but what you do need to understand ( if you want to avoid the pitfalls) is the basic functionality of a website and how that can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific business.

This process is not difficult but it’s often overlooked by new business owners because it isn’t sexy nor is it the latest news in the online world and the reason it’s not is because it’s been around for years as one of the fundamental building blocks of your business and as such it should come into play very early on.

website google imagesWithout planning your website first, you will at some point have to circle back and sort this out whether you want to or not and that usually happens after A. You’ve spent a lot of money with a web designer for a website that’s not meeting your needs or B. You’ve spent hours, days and months trying to build a website yourself without knowing what you’re doing.

Many new business owners are forced to start again after a fall out with their web designer because not all designers will give you a heads up on how to plan your website properly. While that may surprise you it’s true. Some designers simply don’t know what your specific business requires while others will give you what you ask for and that’s not necessarily the same as what you need.


What you think you need and what you actually need can be entirely different things!

Moving forward you can be forgiven for saying well I had a consultation and they were lovely to me, so helpful and they really got my vision.Of course they did and they were definitely delighted to meet you because if you haven’t done your homework, they’ll recognise you’re uninformed and to some web designers the unprepared and the uniformed equals a cash cow they can milk over and over again. So please do your research before you spend a penny.


So now let’s look at the top 7 reasons you should have a website


#1 Visibility; with a website your online business is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Potential customers can browse your products and services from the comfort of their own home. If you’re selling digital products like eBooks and training courses then your website can make money for you while you sleep or are away from your desk. Remember we’re all on different time zones across the world and just because you’re in bed doesn’t mean everyone else is.

#2 Customer Reach More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, and some 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months. So by not having a website you will be missing out on a big piece of that.

#3Credibility with a well-designed website, you can gain instant credibility by providing ultimate proof that you are the real deal.

#4 Business Value without a website, the perceived value of your business will be lower in everyone’s eyes – especially your customers.

#5 Social Presence by adding your social media links and a live feed to your website customers can stay updated with your latest news and offers.

#6 it’s personal with a website you can have your own personalised email address. This is more professional and easier to remember. You might love your hellodolly55@gmail.com but that won’t hold water with your customers.

#7 Low Cost Entry with some of the free website providers around, you can launch your new website for a small monthly hosting fee. Or you can determine an overall budget depending on how much you want to spend, how you want your website to look and what you want it to do; this could cost you anything from 100 pounds to multiple thousands of pounds (or dollars)

So as a beginner those are your top 7 reasons for having a website

Think about it unless you only want to serve people in your own back yard, how else will you reach your customers? Remember they’ll be looking for what they need online and if you’re not there they’ll go elsewhere.Even if you do have business premises they’ll still go online to check that you have a professional presence and if you don’t then the mistrust sets in and your potential customer backs off.   That’s what you do isn’t it?

Of course it is……. we all go online to find what we want particularly with a personal service. We want to know about the person behind that service and your customers will be no different. For a service based business owner your website is the shop window that tells your story. These days everything to do with your business either begins ends or intersects at your website.

No matter how a prospect hears about or discovers you, they will ultimately look for your website before deciding to work with or buy from you. Even if all you need to do is display is a one page website to prove your existence, then it’s best to do it and do it well.

By the way I created todays blog based on actual feedback from a survey I carried out and according the responses the #1 pain on your list of technical fears is; where to start with your website? and as someone who wasted 5 thousand pounds on my first ever website (OMG) I know exactly where you’re coming from.

You know what they say; if you knew better you’d do better – so here’s your chance

website googe imagesWhen thinking about the design of your site each area requires some thought. None of this is difficult per say although having an understanding along with a written plan will make it much easier for you and if you’re hiring a designer it’ll be much easier for them too.They will ask you about your design requirements anyway and if you don’t know, then you’re both off to a bad start. This is where relationships between designer and customer breaks down and this is definitely how and why the cost to you can go up and up and up.


Good website design includes both functionality and aesthetics. An ugly website will drive away visitors, as will a website that’s difficult to navigate or understand.

Lets’ wrap this up in 3 simple steps

#1.Before you hire a web designer first of all find out what you need for your site in relation to your specific business. (Generic won’t do it) Once you’re clear and you’ve written it down then you can present this to the designer.

#2.If you’re going to build your own website find out what you need .Plan it, learn it then implement what you’ve learned. Give yourself plenty of time though. As a beginner you can’t build a functioning website in five minutes and the next time you see a TV advert that says you can, ignore it. All you can hope to achieve in five minutes is a mess and along with that you’ll be sending out a message that says your service is as poor as your website. So please don’t fall for that.

#3.Alternatively you can work with someone who’s already made all of those mistakes so you don’t have to. Avoiding mistakes saves you lots of time and plenty of money. Using my smart cuts you can learn how to get your online business out the gate in less time and planning your website is one of the modules covered in my 5 Step – 1 Day – Fast Class.

You can find out more about this at:    http://deecoxon.com/fast-class/

From my heart to yours

Thank you for taking the time today

Dee X


If your business is not the internet your business will be soon be out of business – Bill Gates – Microsoft


Unknowns mixed with fear are what’s holding you back




fear of the unknown is not permanent

#Quote: Naeem Callaway

When deciding whether or not to start an online business it’s usually a combination of the unknowns mixed with fear that holds you back. If you’re feeling that way this tells me 3 things about you

1: you have the good sense to know this is not a walk in the park

2: you have to find out what the unknowns are in order get started and

3: Fear is the common denominator that keeps us from doing what we love.

Great news is you’re not alone and while your fears may be irrational they are self-perpetuating: nonetheless they’re common place and a very real inhibitor for most women, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If I can you can.

As a Master of Management ( MA) a Member of the Chartered Managers Institute (MCMI) and a teacher in the lifelong learning sector, it may surprise you to know none of that is what brought me here to serve you. My life and work experience: some painfully gained wisdom along the way and the fact that I love listening and talking to other women, is what really ignited my passion and inspired me to do the work I do.

My academic qualifications (while they’re nice to have and I’m proud to have them) do not support my business in any way. I neither use nor need them in an academic context to run my business.

I was once your story 

As a mid-life woman: when you seriously start thinking about taking your business online for the first time: I know what this feels like for you because it’s only when you’ve experienced one type of life that another life starts calling you. A life you couldn’t achieve as your younger self because you hadn’t yet had time to acquire the skills and experience that have brought you this far and you probably didn’t have the opportunity because you were so busy with other commitments but now the time for change has come.

You want to take everything you have acquired up until this point, shape this into a business and share it with the world: I know because it was the same for me.

At the moment everything is up in the air for you literally: imagine a dozen tennis balls circling above your head fear of the unknown is not permanentand each one of them individually contains a skill, a passion, a desire, an idea, a business name, a website, an ideal client and so on: you get the picture and it’s been like that for a while.

What you want to do is get those balls out of the sky, onto the table and aligned into a business of your own but where to start? That is the sixty four thousand dollar question. As I said earlier you’re not alone in this and my question for you is: Are you going to make a start and if so when?

Before you answer that let me say if fear is what’s keeping you back “the fear will always be there “ask any successful business owner and they will tell you it never goes away. Yes it comes and goes but to some degree it stays with you and that’s normal, it shows you’re human, passionate and that you don’t want to fail. Believe me there would be something wrong if you weren’t afraid!

That said: don’t let fear rob you of an opportunity to have a different life than the one you have now. Don’t let fear steal your dreams and keep you small. And most importantly don’t let fear define you as a woman.

Now getting back to your business

if you’re still on this page that tells me you don’t know what to do next or where to start because if you did you already would have. Let that marinate for a second….. If you did you already would have!

It took me years to figure it all out on my own, years of wasted time, money and not earning while I was learning because I didn’t know any better and fear stopped me from asking for help until eventually I did ask. I had to, there was no other way around it for me and there won’t be for you either.

Fast forward several years and I’ve now figured out what works and what doesn’t. All that experience along with the gazillion mistakes I’ve made, has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to get an online business up and running and out the gate in less time. From ideas to implementation I’ve taken what I know sifted out the rubbish and condensed it down into an accelerated learning programme that’s: Designed for beginners and Delivered in one day!

To give you a better insight into how I did things and more importantly how to avoid my mistakes and get your business online in less time, grab a copy of my book polish The Diamond In your Heart its chock full of helpful tips and more importantly what not to do.https://amzn.to/2AWklSJ

If you’d like to know more about  how to get your business online in less time please click the pink link below


From my heart to yours

Thank you for taking the time today

Dee  X




What does Scarlett Moffatt have to do with your business start up


Pic: Courtesy Daily Mirror UK

In case you didn’t know: Scarlett is a young woman from the North East of England who first came onto my radar as one of the Channel 4 “Goggleboxers” in 2014. Her job on the show is to simply watch TV from the comfort of her own sofa and comment on the programmes she’s watching.

Funny, self-deprecating and incredibly witty, Scarlett soon built a large following of fans that looked forward to her weekly quips and observations. It was obvious to me from the get go, she was made for TV and that it wouldn’t be long before she would leave the sofa to front her own TV show/s.

Roll forward to December 2016 and Scarlett is crowned “Queen of the Jungle” as the winner of ITVs “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and as I predicted some time ago the opportunities for her future in television have now exploded.

Having landed several TV “presenting” roles for 2017 She is well on her way to the TV top but it wasn’t always like that; for a start she was mercilessly bullied for her looks as a youngster to the point she was allowed out of school early so “she didn’t get her face kicked in”.

What I noticed about Scarlett was she doesn’t see in herself what others see in her and therefore, couldn’t believe she was even chosen for “I’m a celebrity” let alone go onto win it, especially as she’d watched the show for 10 years and up until then had only ever dreamed of one day becoming a contestant.

Once she got the opportunity to join the show she was initially “awestruck” by the other celebrities and even went as far as to say she didn’t think she was deserving of the opportunity. “Why Me” she kept asking herself, which leads me nicely to my question Why Not Scarlett?

I have mentioned in another one of my posts: how we never see ourselves the way others see us and that we’re much better at hiding our gifts than we are at shining a light on them. I used to think this was a UK phenomenon but I’ve since discovered it’s a global issue.

It’s true, as women many of us are afraid to put our heads above the parapet especially when it comes to starting a business and even more so if were not “twenty – something’s” like the lovely Scarlett.

What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m not enough or even worse not good enough? What if they laugh at me or think my ideas are naff? What if they think I shouldn’t start a business, or I’m too fat, too this or to that……..

What if, what if, what if? I hear it all the time from my clients and I’m the same. Even when our plans are going well or business is good, we’ll still have an attack of the wobbles because it’s a human condition. Truth is we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t BUT being scared or having a wobble is not a good enough reason to walk away from your dreams and aspirations.

Yes it’s scary at times and there are a lot of unknowns when you’re first starting out but unknowns are only a temporary state. You’ll soon have the answers to those unknowns if you simply open your mouth and ask questions. Remember the only stupid questions are the ones you didn’t ask.

Pic: Courtesy Daily Mirror UK

Getting back to Scarlett I accept she is about 20 years younger than the women I normally work with but her worries and insecurities are no different to yours. Like Scarlett, many of you never see in yourself what others see in you and by others I don’t mean the haters, the critics or the jealous negatives (they’ll always be there) I mean the people who see your natural gifts and want what you have to offer and what’s more are willing to pay you: to teach and share with them your gifts, knowledge and expertise.

Scarlett Moffatt reached for the moon an instead she got the stars, all of them, on her side and in her hand however, it didn’t happen overnight: It took work and dedication but she’s there now!

So if you’re afraid to take the next step, ask yourself: which is scarier?

Putting yourself out there knowing that some jealous hater will inevitably have something negative to say about your dreams and aspirations OR

Getting to the end of your life feeling unfulfilled and disappointed having never even tried to reach your true potential or realise your dreams just because you were scared?

So what if you fail at first, you won’t die from failing and contrary to belief you can’t actually die of shame either!

What you can do is get yourself a FREE 30 minute breakthrough session over the phone with me. I’d love to hear what’s holding you back and answer any questions or worries you may have about starting your own online business. There’s nothing to fear except fear itself so go on bag yourself a FREE session. #FYI I’m un-shock able there’s nothing you can tell me about your fears or setbacks that will surprise me.

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Thank you for taking the time today

From my heart to yours Dee  X



Online training – who’s telling the truth?


online training

When it comes to buying online training courses and to help you with your decision making I want to look at the question: who’s telling the truth? I get so frustrated when I come across messages and advertising from coaches and companies who offer online training on everything from growing a six figure business to how to get massive traffic to your website.


As I read through their promises of life changing strategies I know from painful experience what’s coming and dread the bit that says.  “ This works for everybody no matter where you are in your business journey this online training is for you”.

That’s a very broad statement and taken out of context it can an often does spell disaster for the uninformed!

Apart from slipper socks and body shapers bought from the china bazaar on holiday I rarely believe in one size fits all especially when it comes to online training and there’s a very good reasons for this.

  let’s use “how to grow a six figure business” as an example 

One of the coaches i’m familiar with, who by the way is excellent at what she does, offers online training in how to grow a six figure business and it’s aimed at “everybody” including beginners. Her key message is also: no matter where you are in your business journey this online training will work for you!

images-2So It came as no surprise one day when I read a comment on her face book page from a disgruntled client who said don’t buy this online training it doesn’t work. Was the client telling the truth? yes and no.

I did a little digging around the said “disgruntled” and discovered she didn’t have a business or a website. if she did it was well hidden as I could find nothing. By the way I’m not being at all  disrespectful about the client I’m simply giving you an insight into her circumstances. The reason for this will become clear in a moment.

The clients face book page did have a handful of friends however, there was no mention of a business and there was no sign of her on twitter. I check  FB and twitter first as these are usually the most common platforms for small or new business owners which I assumed she must already be; having bought a programme on how to grow a six figure business?

Given all of the above it’s no wonder the online training didn’t work for her so yes I absolutely believe her but was she right to blame the coach? Well she would say yes because I can assure you in the six figure programme she’d unwittingly bought; she would be asked to implement strategies and techniques she didn’t understand; using online tools and models she knew nothing about.

Once she’d discovered what was required of her and what she would have to put in place before the online training could work for her; she would be mightily pissed off having spent a tidy sum believing she would grow a six figure business in 30 days.

Think about it ……..this woman was excited, she had an end goal in sight and in her mind her dream was just thirty days away. Imagine what it feels like when you realise that can be the case for somebody but its not the case for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. So yes in that moment her real world problem was this coach has ripped me off!


Of course there is a  solution: she can go back and learn the basics first. She can look at the items in her six figure programme, identify what she doesn’t know including any skills gaps. Learn and implement these and  once she’s done that then she can make good use of her six figure training programme because then it will all make sense to her and it will work.  BUT……. she doesn’t want to do that. She’s angry, she feels she wasted her money and she’s looking for someone to blame.

Now you might say well it’s the coaches fault surely? She said it was for everybody right! Well in the coaches mind it is. She sold her client the programme believing she bought it because she was ready and able to use it. The client on the other hand bought the programme because she believed doing so would “make” her ready and able to use it. So what’s the lesson here?

Perception is everything. Take note: when a coach says this works for  everybody beginners included, check the context because “beginner” means different things to different people.

Look at the examples below

Example #1 You already have an online business offering low priced training programmes (  obviously you have experience in this area). Now you want to up the anti, increase the value of your service and charge a higher price for doing so. You don’t yet know how to do this so you’re looking for someone to teach you how to create higher priced training programmes ( you’re now a beginner in this particular area)

Example #2 Client has a one page website and is ready to launch ( some experience) but doesn’t know how to market her business to an online audience and she needs help in this area ( beginner)

Example #3 Retailer has a brick and mortar business ( lots of experience) and is ready to take this online but has no knowledge about how to set up an online business (  beginner in the online world)

Example #4  Artist is an expert in  her field. ( experience) She has an idea for an online business. She doesn’t have a website or a brick and mortar store. She has no subscriber list, nothing in place, no online skills and no idea what to do or where to start in terms of setting up this business.  ( beginner)

Do you see you how you can be both experienced and a beginner at the same time? Being a ninja in your area of expertise doesn’t mean you can crack an online training package in record time on a subject you know nothing about. So again be honest with yourself. There’s no shame in being a beginner; what is a shame is you deceiving yourself, then blaming someone else for your mistake.

What can you do?

When a coach offers you online training it’s up to you to identify if you’re ready for this and an easy way to do this is to know where you really are ( not where you’d like to be) in terms of what’s being offered? Look at the course description properly. Just because the outcomes promised are attractive to you, that alone won’t be enough to get you through without either a working knowledge or some understanding  of what’s being described.

If most of the course details make little or no sense to you and you’re just seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then chances are your not ready. Look at the terminology being used. Take note of the processes and online tools being referred to. If none of this resonates with you and you find yourself thinking what on earth does that mean then take this as a good indicator this might not be for you just yet.

When should you buy?

To help you make a decision find out what it all means by reading up on the items you don’t understand, ask someone with more experience than you to explain. Better yet take up the coaches offer of a free chat before you buy or (and this one might seem rather obvious) if you are new to the subject being offered then buy an online training package that actually provides “training for beginners” not advanced or intermediate and not one size fits all.

Once you’ve nailed the skills or knowledge you were lacking you will be much better equipped to deal with, enjoy and benefit from the advanced training you’ve just bought or were thinking about buying.

Something worth noting here: 

Start small and scale up in this order; beginners > intermediate > advanced. The reason this is so important apart from the obvious is:  I’ve yet to meet a  beginner who went straight for advanced training and didn’t have to circle back to fill in the gaps!

All is not lost

Even if you have inadvertently done things back to front and spent money on a programme your not yet ready to work with; don’t be despondent nothing is wasted. Accept you will have to back track before you can implement the advanced training and while this might not have been your plan: you are where you are with it so take a deep breath, buckle up and do it. If you’re not prepared to do that then something is wasted………. that would be your time and money.

How do I know this?

I made the same painful mistake myself some years ago when I was starting out so I’m acutely aware of the effects and the cost of bright shiny object syndrome and I’m well placed to talk about the pitfalls. That’s what inspired me to teach other women how to create and set up their online business from scratch using:

The Fast Class: A bespoke accelerated learning programme. Designed for beginners – Delivered in one day !

Find out more about The Fast Class

Thank you for taking the time today Deepink heartX


My decision to quit


A few years ago  I decided to quit smoking. The truth is without excuse or apology I enjoyed a cigarette and came to use smoking as a reward system for myself. Whether it was after a hard days work, pulling off a successful deal, finishing the ironing or any completion of a task I would enjoy a cigarette and a coffee.

From the day I gave up smoking I upped my exercise regime and increased my healthy eating. I already did both but knew these should be increased to help with any  weight gain that might come without cigarettes.

I took the first week off work so I could be in the gym and stay away from the human race in general. Although I’m  normally of a happy disposition, I knew I would become “narky” to say the least, so with this in mind I didn’t want to make others suffer and I certainly didn’t want to suffer the platitudes of the non smokers who would pat me on the back and offer words of support that would quite frankly get on my wick.

For the next six months my life was an absolute misery: I became another person altogether, so much so, I didn’t recognise my own behaviour or personality.

 I was angry all the time: picking arguments with my lovely husband and almost driving him and me insane. I was just so irritated and distressed. I wanted to rip off the cloak of bad temper that had enveloped me and yet I could do nothing to help myself. I was working out eating healthily, using relaxation techniques and reading self help books, walking for miles and just doing anything I could to get through this quitting stage.

I didn’t feel sad or depressed I was just angry and crying regularly with uncharacteristic fits of temper not associated with my normal demeanour. My husband would have done anything to help me in fact he tried everything until I explained to him I just wanted to stab him for no reason and it got to the point where I would have to say to him: I’m going upstairs for a while, please don’t follow me because I might stab you, so I’m sorry but I cant stay in the room with you.


We were both devastated by these desperate feelings but in time we developed a shorthand code where I would just: raise my eyebrows when he asked where I was going  and he knew to just let me go without question until I could safely return to the living room once those horrible feelings had subsided.

One day my husband said to me: just tell me what to do and I’ll do it, anything to make this  stop, in fact he said: I’m going to buy you some cigarettes because this can’t go on. I said to him you can’t help me because: what I want now isn’t wanted I wanted fifteen seconds ago and certainly won’t be what I want in ten seconds time!


He sat with his head in his hands and then after a few moments asked if I would go and see the doctor and he would come with me. I wanted to scream at him but I didn’t and just said yes I would go to the doctor. I felt defeated I’d tried so hard and hadn’t touched a cigarette yet was still suffering withdrawal symptoms some 6 moths down the line.

The doctor did some digging into the six months since I’d quit smoking and this was followed with some blood tests. I went back for the results and the doctor talked me through her findings. It turned out I was in early menopause and had been for some time without knowing. She explained that none of my symptoms were related to quitting smoking and that in fact I’d probably been over the initial cravings after about the first 6 days (What!!!!!)

She went on to say I’d been very unlucky:  quitting smoking was just a red herring in terms of my symptoms and it was hard lines that these two major events in my life had arrived together. What she did say when she talked me through the numbers on her screen was:  the levels of hormonal imbalance indicated were quite severe and that it was no wonder I was in such a state. She couldn’t believe I’d not succumbed to a cigarette in the circumstances or stabbed my husband, (yes I did tell her about that.)

I left the doctors surgery and almost skipped home.  I didn’t even have a prescription as I didn’t want HRT. Neither did I have any of those distressed feelings of discovering I might be beyond child bearing years or that I might feel less attractive for being in the menopause.

I wasn’t affected at all by any of those feelings. I was just so relieved to have an understanding of what had been happening to me and that I wasn’t  going insane.There were legitimate reasons for the state I’d found myself in and thankfully they were nothing to do with nicotine withdrawal.

I was amazed I hadn’t realised what was going on with me but I was just 43 at the time so it wasn’t  really on my radar and and when I think about what I’d put myself through, how much I and those around me had suffered and how hard I’d beat myself up because I thought I was weak and unable to manage without cigarettes, when in truth it was something else entirely ( and normal) that had taken hold.

I continued with my healthy regime and added some natural therapies to assist with my symptoms and in time those extreme feelings did gradually subside but to be honest it was the understanding of what was happening to me that got me through it.

I was able to enjoy all the positives that come with menopause and there are plenty of them. My favourite is what my hubby affectionately calls “fogging”: I could be packing a grocery bag or opening the car door and I’d just go off into a world of my own for about twenty seconds, it’s the loveliest fluffy feeling, everything around me continued but in my world everything stopped and I actually enjoyed this when it happened. When it was over I’d just pick up where I left off and continue what I was doing. Thankfully “fogging”  never happened to me while crossing the road or driving.

The moral of the story is: “things are not always as they seem” so often we think it’s one thing and it turns out to be something else so do get it checked out and hopefully like me you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that such extreme behavioural changes don’t occur for no reason.

In my case and once I had a diagnosis it was mainly mind over matter that helped me in the end but had I not visited my doctor I really don’t know what the outcome would have been, it scares me to think about the possibilities…….

The best thing to come out of that episode of change was my recognition that things really were changing in my life. I was experiencing a personal freedom I’d never known before and I stared to take time to reflect on the things I’d accomplished so far.

I began noticing a feeling that had been nagging me. I knew I was  destined for a different path. Even though business was good and my bank balance healthy I felt restless and unfulfilled. My career and lifestyle choices or should I say lifestyle restrictions, no longer met my expectations.

I loved writing and I loved talking even more. Teaching, supporting advising and guiding were very natural inclinations for me although these were not part of my job description . So it was around this time the seeds of my future were planted. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with this but one thing I did know was: I was on the move. Mentally, spiritually  and emotionally my goals and aspirations were changing and so was I.

And I wanted to find a way to combine my natural gifts with my professional expertise. It was time, I was ready to answer my calling………….. and I did that by creating a business to help other women do what I’d done by teaching and mentoring them to step into the business they were born to create. It took a while but I got there!

Thankfully I get to have both. You too can combine your natural gifts and expertise to create the lifestyle business you want and you can begin with 3 easy steps


1.Accept it’s time for change.

2. Make a decision to start somewhere.

3. Take action.

To your success today and everyday


Dee X pink heart 

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