About Dee Coxon

You can find out more about Dee Coxon in my bio but first I want to talk more about you: every woman I meet has a story to tell and somewhere in that story the seeds of her new business have already been sown. But sewing  seeds is just the beginning and now you’re faced with the start up maze.  

Not knowing how to effectively navigate this can stop you from ever getting your business off the ground. My job is to help you cut through this and prepare you for a successful launch.

How do I do that? by nailing the prep work .Think about it you wouldn’t build a house without a foundation otherwise it would simply fall down. Same with your business you need a good foundation to begin with and once you have that you can build on it, upscale it and increase the size over time.

If getting a business online is #1 on your wish list: using the smart cuts from my fast class will get you there faster: Knowing what to do and when to do it is golden and that’s not all. As your listening partner I’ll help you identify what you need . As your doing partner I’ll show you what goes where and it what order. Once you’ve done that…..  you can get on with the business of running your business!

How do I know this? I inadvertently wasted 36K over three years struggling on my own and learning stuff I didn’t need. Now that I’ve found a better way I want to share it with you. Saving you from making my mistakes is the best work I can do for you. Its like Maya Angelou once said if you knew better you’d do better so here’s your chance

From my heart to yours let’s do better together
Dee  X
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