About Me

Every woman I meet has a story to tell and somewhere in that story the seeds of her new business have already been sown.

Here’s the thing! I get sick of seeing women like you with great business ideas being sold advanced training programmes with the promise of  creating a six figure business that you can’t implement because as an “emerging entrepreneur” or beginner you have no clue about what has to be in place before any of that can work for you. 

Because there’s not enough time and effort dedicated to your current problem I decided to do something about that and level the playing field. I love the beginners space. For me that’s where the magic happens, where your stories come to life. It’s where dreams are shared and new businesses are born. It’s a wonderful place to work.

My job is to show you how to create and set up your online business while removing the struggles that come with working and worrying by yourself. If getting a business online is #1 on your wish list: using the smart cuts from my fast class will get you there quicker because:

As your thinking partner I’ll help you identify what you need .  As your doing partner I’ll show you how to implement what you’ve learned from me.

I really do want a chance to meet you and wipe away all the confusion that’s stopping you from getting an online business of your own!

From my heart to yours

Dee  X

Every journey begins with the first step. Please feel free to email me your questions: info@deecoxon.com I’ll be here and happy to help pink heartpink heartpink heart

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