We all face challenges.  One is to make enough money to support ourselves, perhaps even live well.  Another, even more important, is to realize our potential, to become the unique, productive and very special person that is possible for all of us. In this unusual book Dee Coxon tells us how to do both, and at the same time.  Although written specifically for mature women, the principles and methods in this remarkable book apply to everyone.  Even men. 

I have worked with many, many people to help them become happier and more productive.  First through my psychotherapy practice in Beverly Hills, later through my book “The Happiness Handbook” and web site “True Fortunes”.  During my checkerboard career I have been instrumental in the growth of at least two companies, and have had my fair share of failures and disasters.  It’s been an interesting life, one that enables me to truly appreciate the work that Dee Coxon is doing.
A great deal of the information in this book is a recounting of Dee Coxon’s personal experiences in developing her own business, and in learning the art of success.  Perhaps the most useful parts are her accounts of her failures, of her dealings with people who seemed to be able to help but turned out to be of no assistance.  In reading this book you will learn a great deal about what not to do.  This is a lot faster and a lot less expensive than learning the hard way.
This book gives you a very precise guideline to starting your own business.  It starts with the selection of a service or product, and then goes on to spell out exactly what you have to do in order to be a success.  It includes information on resources, people and places you can go to get help when necessary.  It tells you what to expect along the road to success, and the pitfalls to avoid.  This book is your blueprint to personal fulfillment and financial success.


David Lee: Rocket scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, author and visionary.



I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It was informative, motivational, easy to read, humorous and straight to the point with no fluff. It really gives valuable insight and offers great advice and practical steps for the, would – be business person including guys. There is so much people can learn from you, including me. Most importantly and in my opinion, it is relatable for many people in differing stages of their business journey, ambitions and goals. Fab!

The funny thing is, I could relate to so much of it because of where I’ve been. The networking when I first started, the not knowing where to turn and then turning to all those useless people you speak of in the book, the fear, stepping outside of my comfort zone, the haters, wasting money on stuff I didn’t need straight away like printers, accountants, solicitors for terms & conditions, graphic designers, logo issues and even professional websites in the beginning.

Your book made me think about and confirm where my diamond really is and that is, my business networking expertise, my ability to see what others don’t in terms of their business, their offering and how and where they should be concentrating their efforts regarding effective networking. So thank you for that value. I know now I need to get back out there, offer my expertise, my insights, my bespoke strategies, and my knowledge. I did it before and I did it brilliantly so it’s time to let my sparkle shine again! You inspired me, motivated me and you’re helping me to challenge some fears that had crept up on me during the 5 years I’ve been out of the game.

I love your book!

Thank you for letting me read your advanced review copy

Pauline Cracknell: Recruitment & Business Networking Expert


Wow just wow, you are an excellent writer. I believe this book will speak to many and I’ve only read  the preview chapter. Leigh Scheidell: Entrepreneur & Video Creative

I was transported to share every moment of your experience with you. Your writing style is amazing. It takes a good author to be able to get the reader totally immersed and feel the emotions. Look forward to reading the entire book. Yvonne A Jones: Personal Business Coach

Well, that was one powerful read. I can see this book being extremely helpful to those that have been left bobbing out at sea without a rudder. Tracey Tait: Business Coach and Marketing Consultant

Wow! That chapter is very well written and very easy for people to relate too. It covers a range of emotions that many of us feel with loss while still trying to function normally behind a veil.Looking forward to reading the entire book. Pauline Cracknell: Recruitment & Business Networking Expert

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